Alvaro called us and let us know that it was possible for us to come and place an order for our car, so we went ahead placed an order and made a $500 deposit.

In terms of the product code numbers, our order was as follows:

  • 5K149MGolf 4-Dr 2.0L TDI Auto
  • 5R5RShark Blue
  • 4X4Rear Airbags
  • 9VEDynaudio Sound System
  • 9W2Bluetooth
  • P71Navigation
  • P83Xenon Headlamp Package
  • W79Cold Weather Package

(In other words, everything except the sunroof, which we almost never use on our current car.)

Because this is a new model, and likely to be in short supply, the odds of getting someone to sell you the car at a discount is fairly low; in fact, some dealers are likely to get greedy and try to charge a premium, so we went in only aiming to buy the car for the MSRP. Alvaro said that once they had the cars in, they'd probably be selling them for more than MSRP, but because we were preordering (and possibly because we've been by a few times), he had no problem agreeing to sell for for MSRP. (And although it took a few extra minutes for him to check with his manager, we did get that in writing.)

Alvaro also said that we were actually the first 2010 Golf order they've placed, so I guess we're at the head of the line. But now we have to wait for VW to actually accept the order; that will probably take some time, but we can wait.

Update (2009-11-19): Allocation!

One of the annoying things about getting a Golf TDI is that VW of America isn't getting many of them from Europe. The speculation is that the engine is also used in other cars with higher margins, and is in short supply, so they'd rather sell those cars than Golf TDIs.

But our dealer finally got some allocation to process Golf TDI orders, and we were at the head of the line, so ours has gone through. Our car will be made in the first week of 2010, and should arrive in the last week of February!