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Saturday 10 February 2007

SIGCSE booked

So, I'm headed to SIGCSE. Registering on the last day of early registration is pretty dumb since all the conference hotels are pretty-much full, and flights are about $550. On the other hand, if I'd waited even longer, I would have felt even dumber.

There are lots of interesting things on the program.

I'll have to try to find out more about the vicinity (Covington, Kentucky) .

Here goes nothing...

So, apparently my domain now has blogging support. What does this mean in practice...? I don't know, but I've had this domain for years, doing pretty-much nothing. Maybe I should try to actually use it for something.

So, as an experiment, I'm going to try seeing if I can use it as a (rather public) way to record things I think are interesting.

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